Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist

baby shower checklist-Why is it so important?

when you’re organizing a baby shower, it is always best to plan ahead and be prepared.

This is very important because even if the special event might be a simple one, if it is organized wonderfully, the results will be wonderful.

You need to make a baby shower checklist of things that you need to do in order for you to be able to see things clearly and orderly.

The first on your list should be the baby shower invitations. You can have the invitations made or you can create them yourself with the help of some talented friends or the best option is just to print them for free from our free printable invitations.

The ideal time for you to send out the invitations would be a month from the date of the baby shower.

If the party has a theme, design your invitation to make it reflect that theme. Don’t forget to give contact details for the RSVP so that you can make sure as to how many guests you’ll be preparing for.

After the invitations, prepare the thank you cards for the guests right away so that you won’t have to be bothered by these at the last minute. Create these both at the same time to make things simple from the start.

Another thing that needs to be in your list is the decorations. The place and the theme will determine these. It’s always best to keep things simple such as banners and balloons.

The baby shower will be tons of fun if you have games Of course, And games wouldn’t be half as fun without the game prizes.

You can prepare bags of goodies as prizes, if there are too many guests to be given favors. Your prizes and favors can be really charming and great tokens for your guests to remember the baby shower.

in your baby shower planning guide you need to plan, of course, the food and the materials you need such as cutlery, plates, cups, and serving dishes. Try to use your own cutlery and plates because it can save you some money.

If you’re not up for the washing, then choose environmentally friendly disposable plates and cups.
These are important in a baby shower, or any occasion for that matter. Jotting things down will make it all easier for you.