Fun Baby Shower Game Questions

fun baby shower question game

Fun Baby Shower Game Questions
If you’re on the hunt for fun and exciting baby shower games and ideas, and you can’t seem to find any, then try making your own! Take advantage of the stuff that you can find online, such as free online puzzle makers. Nothing could be more fun than unique baby shower games.
One thing that you can do is to collect little factoids about the future mommy and daddy, so that these will be the answers to your puzzles. It makes the games personalizes, and at the same time, make it more fun for everyone in the party who are well acquainted with the guests of honor. You can incorporate the information that you’ve gathered in your specially made crossword puzzles or word search puzzles.
First, you have to come up with a questionnaire to ask the people who are closest to the guests of honor, the ones who can provide you with the tidbits about them. Ask questions such as: When is the baby due? What is going to be the name of the baby? What’s the name of the paternal grandfather of the baby or the maternal grandfather? What did the future mommy crave for during the pregnancy? Which hospital will be baby be born in? Feel free to think up tons more.
You can level up the difficulty of the game from the easiest questions to the hardest, if you know that the guests are close to the couple. More difficult questions could be their allergies, their hobbies, their favorite color, and many other little details. You can segregate the guests from casual acquaintances to close relatives and friends so that you wouldn’t want it to be really easy for the others since there would be prizes.
Baby crossword puzzles are usually easy because people can always figure out enough words in the jumble of letters. What you can do is to provide about twenty questions and create the puzzle with a puzzle software program. You can print them all out and give them to the guests to solve. If you don’t have a puzzle software program, you can create your own and type them out on a computer, so that they’ll all look uniform and you’ll simply print the sheets out. Make sure that you have a copy with the answers so that checking will be easy. Give the guests an allotted time frame to finish the puzzles. Don’t forget to motivate them with a really good prize!