Baby Shower Ice breaker Games

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Icebreaker Games for Baby Shower Parties

The best way to celebrate a child’s birth is by throwing a baby shower. The mom to be will surely be delighted with the gifts and of course by the company of her family and friends. And just like any party, some of the guests who get together for this joyous occasion are strangers to each other. This might be because the guests come from the different sides of the baby’s family or the mom’s different set of friends and awkward moments can be felt. To avoid this, ice breaker games are truly helpful to entertain and lighten up the party.

Here are some baby shower icebreaker games suggestions for a fun filled party:

Baby, don’t say it game

In this game, give a diaper or clothespin to each guest when they arrive. Tell the guest that she won’t to utter the word “baby” throughout the party. Should a guest say the “baby”, the first guest to call it out gets the pin. The guest with the most number of pins wins the game.

Mommy says game

Days before the actual party, prepare quotes on babies and mothers and write them in index cards. On another card write the name of the authors of the respective quotes. When your guests arrive, pin one quote or the author’s name on their clothes. This is a fun way for guests to mingle while matching the quotes and the person who says it. The match can be revealed during the party.

Treasure in the Purse game

The game is similar to a scavenger hunt, but the hunt will be right inside the guest’s purse. The hostess will read from a prepared list of items that the guests will have to hunt inside their purses. For example, a lipstick or a compact is worth a point, a comb, pack of gums, or ball pens is worth five points or 10 points will be awarded for a black and white picture. If the item is unique, the points should be of higher value. Should you have men during the party, ask them to hunt their own wallets like old movie tickets, gas receipts or even their own baby pictures. Whoever earns the highest point wins a prize.

Diaper Tag Team game

Prepare a toy doll and some diapers. Pair up two strangers to help each other in putting the diaper on the doll. To make the game more exciting, tell the guests to use only one hand in putting the diaper. To add some difficulty in this game, go ahead; use the traditional cloth diaper with pins instead of the usual disposable variety. The pair who finished first wins the game and a prize.

Pin the sperm on the egg

This humorous game is like the pin the tail on the donkey, but it is definitely more exciting. The guests will surely laugh out loud when they see the location of the sperms and the egg.

Name the baby items

Give your guests paper and pen. Ask them to list down baby products, like diapers and bottles they can think of within five minutes. The guest with the most number of baby products wins the game.

Go ahead enjoy and meet new friends with these baby shower icebreaker games.