Baby Shower Printable Checklist

baby shower checklist

I created this Printable checklist for you….so you won’t miss a Thing……

8 weeks before the baby shower

Pick the party date and time of the baby shower
Decide how long you want the baby shower to last
Decide on the baby shower location
Create the guest list and find everyone’s addresses and phone numbers
Choose your party theme and determine a budget

4 weeks before the baby shower

Choose and mail the invitations with an RSVP, be sure to include all the details and directions.
Plan your baby shower menu,
If you are planning on asking friends or relatives to help, call them and decide together what they can make and how can they help.

3 weeks before the baby shower

Choose the games you will play, it is better to plan more games than what you expect to use.
Register the mommy to be at her favorite baby registries
Order all the party supplies, party favors, prizes, decoration,
Order all the plates, cups, tableware and eating utensils
Order tables and chairs if you don’t have enough
Order a baby shower cake (or plan what you are going to bake)

2 weeks before the baby shower

If you are planning to make your own favors, now it is a good time to start
(You can find home made favors ideas in this website)
Prepare the centerpiece (we have some great ideas for easy to make centerpieces)
If you intent to decorate the baby shower with our free party printable kits, make sure you have enough ink and start with the printing and cutting, it is a lot of fun but will take you some time.
Wrap all the baby shower prizes and favors
Now, that you already know what games you are going to play, print game sheet for the gusts with 20% extra
Purchase any game supplies and props that you will need
Purchase the baby shower gift you intent to give to the mommy to be.
Make sure you have a camera with batteries, still camera and video camera, it is better to ask 2 of the guest to be responsible on taking the photos, you will have enough to deal with.

1 week before the baby shower

Purchase all the food you need
Start cooking all the food that can be made ahead of time and store it in the freezer.
Use the recipes we have on our website, they are especially their for the busy hostess

3 days before the baby shower party

Ask one of the guest to write down the gifts on the gift checklist (you can print it from our website)
That will help the mom to be with the thank you notes.
Put the beverages in the fridge, make sure you have enough ice and buy remaining food for the party if needed.

1 day before the baby shower party

Pick up the baby shower cake from the bakery or start with baking and decorating your own
Prepare all the food except the salads
Order helium balloons for tomorrow; tell the shop the exact time you will pick them up.
Decorate the room with all your baby shower decoration
Prepare the baby shower games, make sure everything is printed and you have enough pens for all the guests
Choose the music you are going to play
The party day is here!!!!
Prepare all the food that was needed to be prepared at the last minute (like salads, wraps)
Prepare the beverages
Arrange the table decoration and organize the food on trays, bowls, etc….
Take out in the morning all the food that was stored in the freezer
And make sure he will hot enough.
Work with your timeline and the most important thing RELAX AND ENJOY!

Click Here to download the printable checklist version (zip file)