3 Things To Consider On How To Plan A Baby Shower

3 things to consider

How to plan a baby shower?

It’s not everyday that a woman expects a new addition to the family which is why baby showers are very memorable. Nothing beats celebrating the coming of a new baby a few weeks before it is due. Baby showers add more thrill, fun, and excitement to the parents to be, family, and close friends. Whether you’re a mother-to-be or know someone who’s expecting a baby, it helps to know how to plan a baby shower.

Though baby showers are meant to be special, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings for it. You can still have a beautiful baby shower without overspending. Remember that the goal here is to have fun and not about celebrating your baby shower in expensive venues with lavish decoration and fancy foods.

In planning a baby shower remember that there are many things to consider. Here are the top 3:

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Unless you have five maids, don’t even think of celebrating your baby shower at your place. Being pregnant puts you under a lot of stress and having a party at home can only make you feel tired and irritable. Instead, ask a close friend to have your baby shower at their place. This way, you can have sufficient time to fix yourself and not worry about anything else.


When planning for a baby shower, remember that you have to come up with a theme or motif. If you only know the gender of your baby, think of an appropriate theme for him or her. Colors like pink and red are great for baby girls while blue and green are ideal for baby boys. In case you don’t know your child’s gender yet, use yellow or orange which are good for boys and girls.


Do you know what else makes a perfect baby shower? The kind of foods you serve! Before you start making your menu, know the exact time of the baby shower. You can prepare heavy snacks composed of sandwiches, sliced fruits, pasta, and drinks during the day. However, evening baby shower calls for a nice dinner with soup, meat, vegetables, and dessert. To make the baby shower extra special, prepare a delicious cake as well.

Being aware of these three important considerations will make you a pro on how to plan a baby shower. To make the whole process easier and enjoyable, ask your friends and family to help you out.