Baby Shower Favors


Every new mother is sure to require and probably receive her share of very practical gifts from the baby shower.
You know that you’ve planned a wonderful party, but the question of what to give as a baby shower favors, or what to offer your guests to thank them comes up over and over.

Many of these small gifts are hard to find and sometimes are quite costly.
Hand made or home made gifts for mom such as safe stuffed animals and other items are always welcome so why not return the gift in kind and offer the guests at your next baby shower homemade baby shower favors or home made gifts. Home made baby shower favors are a real hit at every party. Moms love to receive one as well, so make sure that you create extra ones while you are making them for the baby.

The reality is that gifts such as this are not only welcome, they are actually cheap baby shower favors that everyone will love and you save money on creating them into the bargain.
Home made baby shower favors can actually stand their own merits and make everyone remember the terrific party. Some wonderful small springtime favors are small tin pails that you can find at the local crafting shop. Cut out foamy sheets into the shape of daisies, roses, or another flower and push a small lollipop through the center of each one to create the tasty center of a flower. Set a bouquet into the bucket and place one at each place setting on the table.

Recycle crayons and add them to wax to color the wax. Layer different colors, pink and blue, yellow and green wax into a fireproof glass candle holder and add safety wicks to make home made candles. These are quite cheap baby shower favors and can hold a beautiful flower candle ring or other item that you make or buy. Select the colors of your candles to go with the baby shower decor and then attach a ribbon and tag with your guests name on it so that they double as place cards for the seating.
I will show you step by step how to make some of my favorite unique baby shower favors am sure everyone will love and appreciate.And of course sources for the best bought baby shower favors.