Mardi Gras Baby Shower Theme

Mardi Gras Baby Shower Theme

What is more fun and more a celebration of life than Mardi Gras? A Great Theme for your baby shower will make it that much more fun.

This is one of the most decadent and fun times of the year. In fact, you do not need to limit the baby shower to the time span, but can offer it at nearly any time of the year.

These Theme is festive, decadent, overdone and absolutely going all out to create a unique and fun theme. Your baby shower can emulate that by making decorations that have anything to do with Mardi Gras. Using plastic beads which are inexpensive and fun, you can decorate the house to the nth degree. beautiful masks should also be placed on the walls, on the table and anywhere else that they might fit in.

Those colorful and beautiful masks for your Baby shower Theme, can be used to make a wonderful centerpiece.

Using a basket or bowl of sand as the base, create a mask that you attach to a longer stick or dowel rod. Paint it purple, green and yellow and in keeping with this great theme, add a lot of glitter and sparkle to it. Stick the dowel rod into the sand so that the mask stands up in the air. Tuck in silk flowers in bright colors around it so that it is a bit more full and then lay brightly colored plastic beads over the sand to sparkle it up.

Foods could include the famous King cake with the tiny baby inside. A special prize is available to the one who gets the baby in the King Cake. Play some jazz music in the background and add stars and sparkles around the room.