Little Mermaid Baby Shower Theme

little mermaid

For a new or prospective mother, nothing is more fun and more affirming of the upcoming baby than the baby shower. Everyone strives to make it as unique and as interesting as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with unique themes to get the baby shower off the ground. One of the most fun and interesting, and quite often the best kind of shower is the baby shower theme that is designed around a specific television show or character.

For a mother who is giving birth to a little girl, one such theme is the cartoon movie, the Little Mermaid. With so many beautiful scenes in the movie, the baby shower which is themed after the Little Mermaid is easy to accomplish and is completely beautiful.
The theme will play out using a beneath the sea type of atmosphere.

Create small schools of fish and pieces of coral or underwater rocks and caves using tissue paper or construction paper to tape to the wall in the room where the shower will be held. Add a few seashells or create some from the construction paper.

You might consider making a centerpiece that is constructed of the low cost and easy to find seashells to hold other items in place and adding some taller elements to that. Fill a wide topped basket with those seashells and then add some higher items such as carnations and other flowers.
Using the cardboard under-bed boxes, cover them with black paper and decorate them with yellow paper that is cut to look like a lock and decorations so that you’ve turned the box into a small treasure chest.

Fill your treasure chest with small items such as diapers, creepers, soft stuffed baby toys, bottles (if mom will be bottle feeding) and even a cd of relaxing music or sea sounds which can be played for the baby.

For your small place settings, use the Swedish fish candy and place it into blue plastic champagne glasses tied with pink and blue bows around the stem. You might also place the Little Mermaid movie on your television with a low volume to show during the shower, or play some sea sounds or whale song in a background way to set the mood for the shower.