Green Living Baby Shower Theme

Green Living Baby Shower Theme

Why a green living baby shower theme?

Some moms and dads are very much into a green living or a more organic lifestyle. For those folks, a theme like that would very much do the trick.

First, go paperless as much as possible. Send out your baby shower invitations using a paperless electronic method. There are a wide range of sites out there, including this one, that offer you images and invitations that you can use to send out email invitations rather than paper printed invitations.

Sending them out in this way will make your Eco-friendly baby shower more realistic. Or of course you can print your invitations on a recycled paper that will work out great as well.

Ask your guests to recycle wrapping paper rather than to use new paper and bows. One method to do this is to ask everyone to wrap their gift inside a baby blanket rather than paper, or to recycle the Sunday paper and wrap their gift in the cartoon section, which recycles the paper and makes good use of it.

Get your guests to help you to come up with good green living games to use for the mom and create a cake that is decorated with an earth and animal friendly theme.

For gifts that are suitable for this kind of a baby shower ,green living,Eco friendly or organic diapers, clothing and other items are definitely in order.

Don’t serve your punch and cake or whatever you’re serving on paper products. Use recyclable plastic or better still break out the good china and the cloth napkins.

Today you can also find some wonderful plates made from plum tree leaves.

They are also beautiful and of course perishable

This will dress it up a lot at your party and keep to your Eco-friendly theme, while making the new mom feel very special.