Mother Earth Baby Shower Theme

mother earth

Mother Earth Baby Shower Theme……

What mother is more famous than mother earth. You could use this one to make it a green living celebration and decorate with small saplings or seedling trees. Plant small maple tree or other seedlings that you have purchased or found in your own back yard. Place them into the thin plastic wine glasses and tie them up with pretty ribbons around the glass stem. Your guests can each go home and plant a tree in honor of the new baby.

Decorate with images of mother earth or of the earth and in the background some very gentle music might be playing that is reminiscent of harmonious living in the world.

Your foods might include a cake decorated like the earth, with cupcakes surrounding it that are decorated as moons or other planets. You have a wide range of choices for room decor and wall decorations could include cut out earth and moon or other planets on the wall. Even an entire solar system could be used.

There are so many different places to take the mother earth theme that your games and decorations are really only limited by your imagination.

A few games might include naming the planets in order from the sun to see how many people can do that, or naming movies in which Mother earth appears, or even having people write down their favorite Eco-friendly tip for the new mom and dad.