Famous Mothers Baby Shower Theme

famous mother

Why a Famous Mothers Baby Shower Theme?

There are a lot of television shows and stories out there, even real life things that offer us mothers as someone to look up to. Your baby shower might be a celebration of famous mothers.. In keeping with the Mothers theme.

you might decorate with flowers, and serve a lovely cake with flowers decorating it and an elegant tea or a simple snack, whatever is more suitable to you and to your guests.

Some of the party games will be to ask each guest to either write down or to relate their best memory or their funniest memory about their own mother.

Your decorations might include pictures of the most famous or the best mothers such as Mother Goose or Mother Theresa or famous mothers such as Leave it to Beaver’s mom, or the Brady Bunch mom.

There are hundreds of older television shows out there with very famous moms. That is true no matter what part of the world that you live in, so the theme would be appropriate in any corner of the world, just suit it to your area and select from those mothers.

One party game that you could use would be to ask each guest to list ten of the most famous mothers of all time. The one who comes up with one that no one else has on their list, or the most famous mom’s that no one else thought of would be your winner. Taped or purchased old episodes of television shows could be playing in the background at a low volume.