Baby Shower Sayings


Planning a joyous occasion like a baby shower starts with the invites.
Each baby shower invites should involve beautiful designs and wonderful baby shower sayings, verses or wordings. this is because the child’s birthday is one of the most beautiful life experiences there is.

Wording ideas for the invitation is such a tricky part of this preparation. at times, it is beyond words to describe the happiness and excitement felt by the parents to be. Since this baby invitation will definitely go to the baby’s book, it should speak of the motif and the parents’ personality.


There is a wide array of themes, topics and baby shower sayings available. As the organizer for this event, it is helpful to know the background of the parents and their guests. for example, if they’re of the same religion, it would be nice to share a bible verse about expecting a child or being a parent. you can also add your own creative streak in the baby invitations. Just make sure that it is all done in good taste and will not offend any sensibilities.

In keeping up with your unique ideas, a personalized baby shower saying can be placed in the invites. You can gather ideas from other sources like books and the internet. You can come up with a catchy poem or gather quotes.

Preparing the invitations

It is also helpful to prepare the baby invitations within the proper time frames. consider these:

  •  Have ample time to order your baby shower invitations, or make them
    should you decide to do it yourself.
  • The baby shower invitation should be handed two months in advance.
  • The guests should have at least two weeks to reply for your RSVP.

All these preparations should be done from the heart and you will be sure that this baby shower is ever meaningful to the parents to be and to all the guests.