Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Why do you need Baby Shower Thank You Cards?…………

Your baby shower is over and it was a resounding success. The friends and family who attended brought a wide range of gifts that gave you nearly all that you need to outfit your new baby.

The event is quite likely nearly here, and you are anxiously waiting for the baby to arrive. In the meantime you can spend some of the time waiting by writing out your baby shower thank you notes.

Any time that someone offers you a shower or brings a gift to your baby shower, you want to express your gratitude for that act of kindness, small acts of kindness should always be rewarded with a thank you note from the recipient.

Inside your cards, you’ll want to address each one to the person who attended your party or gathering. Specifically name those who attended with them, as well as what they gave you as a gift, and what you plan to use it for.

One example of the kind of thank you note that you can write is shown here:

“Dear Jane, Thank you very much for the lovely mobile for our baby’s room. The music that it plays is one of my favorite classical tunes.

The mobile goes so well with the kind of room that we have planned for our baby. I appreciate your attendance and your gift very much. We’ll be placing it over the crib as soon as the baby comes home.

Sincerely, Rebecca.”

This is just one example of the type of card that you can offer to your friend or family member which will let them know how much you appreciate their gift.

You can download some templates for the cards here that will save you some money on the cost of your gesture of gratitude.